Big Data Solutions

Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.

Big data is the new buzzword in the technology world, especially in the IT industry, which refers to immense volume (in terabytes) of both, structured and unstructured, data and is too large to process, using the traditional database and software techniques. In most enterprise operations, the data (text, images, videos, documents) is massive to handle. Big data technology helps companies, improve operations and make faster and smarter decisions.

Earlier, the traditional relational databases and tools would suffice the daily operations and activity for large organizations. However, today’s databases are, not only, expected to be flexible enough to handle a variety of data formats, but, also, expected to deliver extreme performance and handle humongous data volumes. Enterprises are increasingly considering alternatives to legacy relational infrastructure. In some cases, the motivation is technical — such as, a need to scale or perform beyond the capabilities of their existing systems, while in other situations, companies are driven by the desire to identify viable alternatives to expensive proprietary software. A third motivation is agility or speed of development, as companies look to adapt to the market, more quickly, and embrace agile development methodologies. These drivers apply, both, to analytical and transactional applications.

Our end-to-end capabilities in Big Data analytics and solutions empowers us to serve the varying needs of enterprise customers and assist them in realizing significant business benefits from their Big Data initiatives.


At amylogic, we help our clients achieve their Big Data solution goals by leveraging our expertise in Big Data (MongoDB etc.), near Real Time search (Elasticsearch, etc.). Our practice provides clients and enterprise product companies with best-in-class services that collect, organize, and analyze enterprise data residing in disparate systems which, in turn, generate the insights necessary to make strategic decisions that drive the business. To do this, we build and maintain data warehouses, implement algorithms for analytics, build ETL routines, perform complex calculations, provide integration solutions and large-scale reporting services and solutions. For clients that are required to implement their products at various locations, we can work onsite as well as from offshore.

We have expertise in handling a wide range of technology platforms across the various focus areas of a big data initiative ranging from capture, store and process to analyse. Some of these platforms include Hadoop, Pentaho and Flume to name a few.