Cloud Computing

Empower Your Business with Cloud Solutions

Every Business today revolves around four crucial components- Social, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud. Network and IT infrastructure has become imperative more than ever in order to maintain an adaptable and scalable communications. The Cloud solution empowers enterprises to improvise their businesses by incorporating digital innovation, agile business platforms and reducing time-to-market.  In order to respond quickly to market demands and anticipate challenges ahead, every business is integrating cloud services to complete effectively and efficiently.

We at AmyLogic have extensive experience and expertise to empower you, your business and employees to do business better.  With our comprehensive cloud solutions, you will:

  • Optimize, manage and outsource you IT resources
  • Enable your employees to work anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce up-front investments and cut down the costs
  • Transform to an dynamic business

Our Services:

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

Success in cloud started with robust and solid cloud strategy. Let AmyLogic help you with sound cloud strategy and consulting.

Our professionals will help you decide which applications to host in the cloud and what cloud technologies are the best for your organizations. Additionally, our consultants will work with you to assess the compatibility of your applications for the cloud, choose right platforms, and set a cloud strategy for smooth transformation and growth.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our flexible cloud infrastructure services help enterprises to plan, build and manage your cloud infrastructure and accelerate cloud adoption.

AmyLogic’s cloud infrastructure services support planning, building and managing cloud environment with a portfolio of flexible choices. Our wise assortment of cloud services include a hosted data center and public or private cloud offerings that host virtual data centers, multitenant enterprises services and virtual data desktops.

Cloud Software Services

Our cloud software service is a process of enabling scalable, expandable, and flexible software services using the internet technologies. It is a method of delivering software as a service (SaaS).  The infrastructure as SaaS allows enterprise to access the functionality of a specific software without worrying about storage or any other issues. With major SaaS vendors such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Ariba, SAP, etc., we are able to meet niche cloud software services.

Cloud Management Services

AmyLogic’s cloud management services help enterprises in cost saving and improving business agility. We would ensure that your cloud-based resources are working optimally. With our professional management services, organizations achieve great operational agility, better IT governance and sound integration of components across the enterprise, starting from applications to platforms through cloud infrastructure.

We help decide, deploy and facilitate automated cloud management systems across different platforms and providers. It enables client to build cloud operations frameworks to provide efficient management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

At AmyLogic, we help clients implement a robust and efficient cloud management strategy for their cloud ecosystem. We define governance models that include delivery and operational policies. Our cloud management service includes following:

Service Delivery

Our service delivery has a broad spectrum, including provisioning, SLA, regulatory compliance, auto-scaling availability, high availability considerations, cloud bursting, continuity backup, DR, security and more.

Service Operations

Our operations service includes monitoring, automation, auditing, access management, incident management, metering and chargeback, cost management and regular analytics.

  • Customize cloud services to meet business needs.
  • Manage a variety of platforms from a single console.
  • Enable high-precision analysis across different applications.
  • Unite cloud and enterprise management tools and processes.

With our cloud management service, AmyLogic define an optimal cloud operations framework that enables continuous delivery of development/ operations across a combination of private, public or hybrid cloud models.