Enterprise Applications

AmyLogic’s custom application development services provide the IT backbone for our clients business. Our application development experts understand your application requirements thoroughly, prepares architecture, develops, tests and finally implements it. We rely on industry-standard software development practices and rigorously test the applications to ensure defect-free delivery. AmyLogic’s traction in cutting-edge technologies, web application development & software solutions helps our clients with a lengthier shelf-life of applications with minimum maintenance and support requirements.

Our technical team ensures that applications are rapidly architecture, developed, tested and implemented. Our domain knowledge allows us to develop scalable and flexible application architecture incorporating business logics, presenting our clients with next-generation applications that generate greater efficiency through high level of automation.

Our Services

Enterprise Applications / E-Commerce development:

We use structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards.

As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world’s growing technological needs, AmyLogic constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions and will walk the entire web app development path with you from the idea to the product launch to contribute to your eventual web app success! Let our web development company lead your business to the top!

Middleware / Interface Solutions

Middleware is the enabling technology of enterprise application integration. It describes a piece of software that connects two or more software application, allowing them to exchange data. Middleware solutions enable to align IT Infrastructure with an organization’s business objectives and create value in the process. However, middleware solutions are complex and need to be implemented and managed efficiently. Middleware also puts considerable strain on an organization’s IT budget while increasing the risk for business disruptions.

We provide our client’s with Middleware services that integrate business processes, applications and platforms. We help our client’s optimize IT environments, generate higher returns on middleware investments, and ultimately yield greater business value from IT expenditure.

We offer a plethora of services to help our clients migrate from existing middleware products and enable them to rapidly deploy new products in their existing IT infrastructure. We are adept at helping our clients successfully plan, configure, install, test and integrate their products which, in turn, helps reduce the capital expenditure (Capex) and operational expenditure (Opex), In addition, our Middleware services also help our client’s to reduce business risks and enhance return on investment.